A Pocket Guide to Poultry Health and Disease


This new paperback pocket guide has been written specifically as a quick reference guide to poultry health and disease. The book, which has 278 pages provides quick and easy reference to identifying and treating poultry diseases, in addition to providing advice on management issues.

The book is split into eight sections, the first looks briefly at market demands and managing for poultry health. Chapter 2 reviews Biosecurity. Chapter 3 looks at the immune system, vaccines and how they work. Medication is the focus of Chapter 4, which is then followed by the disease chapters. These are split into Disease and syndromes of Chickens and various species, Disease and syndromes of predominantly Turkeys and Disease and syndromes of predominantly Ducks and Geese.

Finally the book ends with a useful glossary of technical terms and conversion tables.

The Perfect Reference Guide for Everyone in Poultry

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