Brown Trout: Biology, Ecology and Management


A comprehensive guide to the most current research, history, genetics and ecology of the brown trout including challenging environmental problems

The brown trout is an iconic species across its natural European distribution and has been introduced throughout the World. Brown Trout: Biology, Ecology and Management offers a comprehensive review of the scientific information and current research on this major fish species. While the brown trout is the most sought species by anglers, its introduction to various waters around the world is causing serious environmental problems. At the same time, introduction of exogenous brown trout lineages threatens conservation of native gene pools of populations in many regions. The authors summarize the important aspects of the brown trout’s life history and ecology and focus on the impact caused by the species. The text explores potential management strategies in order to maintain numerous damaged populations within its natural distributional range and to ameliorate its impacts in exotic environments.

The authors include information on a wide-range of topics such as recent updates in population genetics, evolutionary history, reproductive traits and early ontogeny, life history plasticity in anadromous brown trout and life history of the adfluvial brown trout and much more. This vital resource:

  • Contains the latest research on the biology and ecology of brown trout
  • Includes information on phylogeography, genetics, population dynamics and stock management
  • Spotlights the brown trout’s introduction to regions around the world and the serious environmental impacts
  • Offers a comprehensive review of conservation and management techniques


Written for salmonid scientists and researchers, fishery and environmental managers, and students of population genetics, ecology and population dynamics, Brown Trout explores the most recent findings on the history, ecology and sustainability of this much-researched species.


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