Commercial Poultry Nutrition, 3rd Ed.


Commercial Poultry Nutrition has become the standard text for all involved in the various poultry industries. This 3rd edition is a major revision with virtually all sections being updated to accommodate the ever-changing genetic potential of broilers, layers, turkeys and waterfowl.

The last edition was printed in 1997, and in the intervening years, there have been major changes in poultry nutrition and commercial feeding practices. The 3rd edition emphasizes nutritional programs that allow for genetic potential to be realized in both meat and egg birds.

However it is realized that achieving maximum growth rate, for example, may not always be the most economic way to feed birds in certain situations, and so there is emphasis on alternate strategies for feeding and nutrition.

Drs. Leeson & Summers have once again produced a classic text that will be essential reading for nutritionists, veterinarians, poultry managers and all professionals in the poultry and feed industries.


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