Handbook of Fruit and Vegetable Flavors


A global perspective on the latest science, technology, and applications

The demand for new flavors continues to rise. Today’s consumers want interesting, healthy, pleasurable, and exciting taste experiences, creating new challenges for today’s food and flavor scientists. Fortunately, they can turn to this comprehensive reference on the flavor science and technology of fruits, vegetables, spices, and oils for guidance on everything from basic science to new technologies to commercialization.

Handbook of Fruit and Vegetable Flavors is divided into two sections. The first section, dedicated to fruit flavor, is organized into five parts:

  • Part I: Biology, Chemistry, and Physiochemistry
  • Part II: Biotechnology
  • Part III: Analytic Methodology and Chemical Characterizations
  • Part IV: Flavors for Fruit Commodities
  • Part V: Flavors of Selected Dried Fruits

The second section, dedicated to vegetable flavor, is divided into two parts, covering biology, chemistry, physiochemistry, and biotechnology in the first part and flavor for vegetable commodities in the second part. Both the fruit flavor and vegetable flavor sections provide detailed coverage of such important topics as processing, extraction, flavor biosynthesis, and genetic engineering. Moreover, readers will find important details on regulations and requirements governing flavor additives as well as sanitation and safety in flavor manufacturing.

Each of the chapters has been written by one or more leading experts in food and flavor science. The authors represent more than ten countries, giving food and flavor scientists a unique global perspective on the latest flavor science, technology, and applications.


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