Sea Bass and Sea Bream: A Practical Approach to Disease Control and Health Management


The aim of this book is to provide practical advice and awareness of health management and disease control in sea bass and sea bream, the most widely-farmed fish in the Mediterranean region.

The prevention and control of the main pathologies affecting intensively-cultured marine fish species are of paramount importance. Farmed sea bass and sea bream are high-value fish, making significant contributions to the economies of many countries.

This important book gives particular emphasis to rapid diagnosis and response to the most dangerous pathologies, which can cause severe economic losses in affected fish farms.

Key features of the book Sea Bass and Sea Bream include:

* A clear layout and practical approach: easy to understand and implement
* Colour photographs of the main diseases and parasites affecting sea bass and sea bream
* A combination of the authors’ wide field-based experience in the diagnosis of fish diseases, with knowledge from a major fish diseases reference laboratory.


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