The Health of Poultry


The Health of Poultry, by Mark Pattison, is a unique book describing the overall concepts of poultry health with the emphasis on creating the right conditions and environment to minimize the occurance of disease. By demonstrating the interrelationships between husbandry, medicine and nutrition the author shows how to prevent diseases and to maximize the genetic potential made possible with modern breeds of poultry.

Each of the main poultry species – chicken including breeder and broiler, turkey and duck – is dealt with in separate chapters that explain the principle of disease control with the emphasis on preventive medicine. All aspects of care are drawn together to provide guidance on devising a rigorous health regime that is controlled by proper management.

Chapters on hatchery, nutrition, environment, and housing examine topics such as planning, ventilation, hygiene, quality control and medication. The important role of genetics in flock health is discussed encompassing important issues such as genetic resistance to disease, vertically transmitted diseases and strategies for disease control.

The Health of Poultry provides an holistic view of the health and welfare of poultry. As such it will be a highly practical addition to the bookshelves of poultry farmers, specialists and veterinarians. Agriculture and veterinary students embarked on BSc and Diploma courses in poultry will find the coverage informative and the style lucid and accessible.


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