The Illustrated Egg Handbook, 2nd Edition


The Illustrated Egg Handbook is a colourful guide that gives you a wide range of information on the structure and quality of eggs, as well as what can go wrong. Full of detailed illustrations and tables, this handbook is a perfect guide for people who want to gain knowledge in egg production and quality or even someone that just wants to know more about the inside of an egg.

NABEL CO., Ltd has developed egg detectors for various egg abnormalities such as shell cracks, dirtiness, blood spots or rottenness. These and more examples have been collected in the course of their technical journey, and were first published in a book that appeared in Japanese in 2009.

Currently, the Japanese edition of this book is utilized as a communication tool aimed at engendering common perceptions among egg producers, retailers, and consumers. Encouraged by the successful reception of the Japanese edition, they partnered with DSM Nutritional Products and Context to publish an English version in 2016.

This revised edition includes new egg cases, additional scientific finding, and the topic of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) from the perspective of the food business.

This book covers:

  • Basic Egg Knowledge
  • Examples of Eggshells
  • Examples of internal egg quality issues
  • Examples of boiled eggs
  • Examples involving odor
  • Egg quality indicator


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