21st Century Flight Training


The effect that recent technological advances in aviation-related software, hardware, and infrastructure have had on pilots’ visual flying skills and their increased reliance on such devices during cloudless flights is examined in this authoritative reference.

Integrated Sensory Flying (ISF), the revolutionary flight training program, is at the center of this discussion and answers a long-awaited call for a visual flight instruction program similar to that of Basic Attitude Instruments (BAI).

Core 21st Century Flight Training concepts such as flight phases, task prioritization, and proficiency segments for performance maneuvers—all of which lead to improved training efficiency and intelligent aeronautical decision making—are discussed, as well as visual situational awareness.

Every maneuver of every primary flight training rating from Private ASEL to MEI is taught from the perspective of an examiner with countless checkride insights. Additional information is also provided on integrating references, scenario-based training, and FAA special-emphasis programs including the TAA Safety Study and the Human Factors Design Standard.

(Sean Lane is an 8,000-hour, ATP-rated Part 121 Captain, Gold Seal CFI with over 1,100 hours dual-given, former Part 141 Check Instructor, and former U.S. Air Force mechanic. He lives near Superstition Mountain in Arizona.)


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