Airplane Maintenance & Repair: A Manual for Owners, Builders, Technicians, and Pilots


Borrow the savvy of hundreds of experienced mechanics with this easy-to-follow manual. anyone who has the care and keeping of an airplane will find a gold mine of time–and money-saving advice in this handy book.

Professional airplane mechanics share their hard-earned wisdom in this essential toolbox guide to airplane maintenance, troubeshooting, and repair. If your airplane needs work, there’s a lot you can do, even if you’re not a certified mechanic.

Carmody explains clearly what kinds of troubleshooting you are, and are not, legally allowed to handle, and takes you step by step through 29 procedures. He covers repairs to and maintenance of engines, airframes, electrical systems, fuel systems, hydraulic systems and brakes, tires and propellers.

How to keep a maintenance log, selection and use of tools, and a bolt chart are also included.

Having this book is the next best thing to having an experienced mechanic at your side. And when you have to take the airplane in for a certified mechanic to work on, Carmody gives you advice on how to get the best service possible.


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