Airport Systems: Planning, Design and Management, 2nd Edition


Written by leading technical professionals, known worldwide for their expertise in the planning, design, and management of airports

Airport Systems: Planning, Design and Management, Second Edition is an in-depth guide to creating effective and efficient airports. To achieve this objective, professionals need to consider the whole problem, from the initial planning, through the design of the facilities, to the ultimate management and operation of the airport.

Ideal for professionals and students alike, the book focuses on medium and large commercial airports. Major development topics include chapter-ending conclusions and mathematical exercises. This revision places the book at the forefront of current practice by adding a significant amount of new material, updating all existing content, and removing four chapters of supporting material and integrating it into the main chapters.

New to This Edition
* Updated environmental regulations and international rules
* Covers new aircraft technology and traffic control
* Discusses new advances in the design, planning, and management of airports
* Contains new chapter: Aircraft Impact on Airports
* Features two new contributing authors from MIT
* In-depth presentation of the latest concepts and effective practices, provided by leading experts internationally known and sought after for their understanding and knowledge


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