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This book has something in it for everybody associated with helicopters, be they pupils, military and civil pilots, instructors, aspiring test pilots or enthusiasts.

This unique book, written from the prospective of the pilot provides a detailed, yet easy to understand overview of the theory and practice of helicopters.

This is possibly the most complete book written to date on helicopters and helicopter flying. Covers subjects not covered by other manuals such as turbine engines, performance, flight manuals, automatic flight controls, legal aspects, introductory stability and control and multi-engine helicopters.

The book is divided into two sections. The first covers basic helicopter theory, systems, performance and operating techniques as seen from the pilot’s point of view. The second section is aimed at those pilots who already know how to fly helicopters, but are interested in broadening their knowledge of the subject.

It covers the items in Section 1 in greater depth and continues into design characteristics and systems, including automatic flight control systems, all interspersed with safety hints.

The writing style is light, anecdotal and sprinkled with humorous asides; the package manages to put over a surprising amount of information without inducing furrowed brows. Illustrations are all black and white and clear enough to make the points without over complicating the subject.

Author information

Author Shawn Coyle is a test pilot whose experience ranges over more than 43 types, from the Robinson R-22 to the Mi-26. He has an ability to put over complex subjects without resorting to the mathematics which tend to kill interest stone dead. This book is the second book on helicopter flying, covering his more than 30 years of flying helicopters.  His experience with a wide variety of types, combined with his technical knowledge instructing experimental test pilots and his work as an engineering test pilot with Transport Canada, has resulted in a book that could possibly be best described as “Everything you could ever want to know about helicopters, but didn’t know where to look”  


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