Fling Wing – The New-Age Bush Pilot


Following Igor Sikorsky’s successful 1940 development of the full hover in his VS300 helicopter, it took the courage and innovation of British Columbia pioneer aviator, Carl Agar—Mr. Helicopter—to put the machine to use in the peaks of the British Columbia coast range. His company, Okanagan Helicopters, became the leading rotary wing operator in the world, and set the pilot training standards worldwide.

Other B.C. innovators appeared early on the scene, in particular. Ted Henson and his wife Lynn, who created Vancouver Island Helicopters (VIH) and transformed the logging industry with Heli-Logging.

Fling Wing takes the reader through flight training in the military then into the innovative multi-tasking of today’s helicopter pilots. When readers join Peter Barratt, a 45 year Fling Wing veteran pilot, in tales drawn from his thousands of helicopter flying hours setting hydro towers, harvesting fir cones, torching slash burns, fighting fires, rescuing fishermen and Barratt’s own now famous application—Heli Fishing, the amazing versatility required of the pilot and the craft is revealed.

About the Author:

Jack Schofield is the author of six books on the subject of B.C. aviation history. His, Coast Dogs Don’t Lie was an immediate bestseller on the West Coast, and continues in popularity as a sequel to Flights of a Coast Dog an award winning biographic adventure. Schofield founded the Canadian National aviation magazine, Canadian Aviator, following his retirement from flying seaplanes on the coast of B.C. He now lives on Mayne Island in BC’s Southern Gulf Islands.


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