Flying the Mountains


Packed with dozens of lifesaving illustrations!


Piloting aircraft above mountainous regions demands more than a thirst for adventure. It also requires a keen understanding of the unique challenges involved in mountain flying – for the safety and pleasure of everyone involved.

That’s why if you’re a pilot, a flight instructor, or are learning to fly, Flying the Mountains is the one-stop, practical resource you need to stay safe while soaring at extreme altitudes. Written with insight by a noted high-elevation flight instructor and pilot, Flying the Mountains:

* Outlines the nature of mountain flying
* Relays mountain flight accident statistics and causes
* Details effects of altitude on aircraft and pilots
* Examines in-flight ailments related to mountain flying
* Reviews take-off conditions from mountain airports
* And much, much more!

Logically organized by phases of flight – from preflight preparation to landings – Flying the Mountains delivers a potent combination of statistics, techniques, and examples of actions (correct and incorrect) used in actual flight scenarios.


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