Fundamentals of Aviation Crisis and Emergency Management


This book takes the topic of aviation crisis and emergency management and walks the reader through what aviation organisations must consider alongside legislation to respond fully to an aviation emergency or accident. It offers both theory and practical tips and ideas along with templates and checklists to help build confidence in how to run an aviation emergency operation. This includes timelines for activation, setting up and managing humanitarian centres and how a full aviation crisis operation runs at the site of the accident.

Fundamentals of Aviation Crisis and Emergency Management is the only textbook available with all required elements laid out chronologically. The reader can plan for, train for, and exercise for a multitude of crisis examples, building both confidence and competence in managing an aviation emergency. Fundamentals of Aviation Crisis and Emergency Management includes a range of case studies and a variety of interviews with those people who have experienced an aviation crisis and deployed to it. This allows the reader to fully immerse themselves in the topic and makes the book both a textbook of key knowledge and also a book that can be read for increasing understanding of the topic.

It will be essential reading for aviation students and professionals, disaster response organisations, and emergency planners.


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