Fundamentals of Aviation Law


This authoritative text offers a comprehensive introduction to aviation law. Written by lawyer/pilot Raymond C. Speciale, one of the field’s foremost experts, Fundamentals of Aviation Law covers every important area where law and aviation intersect.

In opening chapters, the author sets the stage by developing a basic understanding of the legal environment surrounding aviation, the fundamentals of the U.S. legal system, and the impact of the U.S. constitution on aviation activities. The chapters that follow cover specific areas of the law that affect aviation:
* Criminal law for aviators and air carriers
* Tort liability and air commerce
* Government regulation of aviation
* Application of contract and commercial law in aviation-related transactions
* Entity choice for aviation businesses
* Property law issues for aircraft owners and airport operators
* Labor and employment law and the aviation industry
* International laws and treaties that affect aviation

Featuring case studies that illustrate relevant law in every major topic area, learning-enhancing mini case problems (drawn from real-world court proceedings) at the end of each chapter, and materials available for instructors, Fundamentals of Aviation Law provides a solid foundation for learning.


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