Helicopter Principles of Flight


This book tackles the understanding of Rotary-Wing aerodynamics with contributing text on the subject of Physics for Safer Flying in a helicopter.

While the differences between flying fixed wing and helis may seem obvious at first, there are numerous helicopter-flight scenarios where taking the seemingly logical course of corrective action will only make things worse.

Arm yourself with the information contained in this book for a safer and smarter helicopter flying experience.


  • Newtons laws of motion and their relevancy to helicopter flight
  • How airflow dictates the function and design of aerofoils, rotor blades and flight controls
  • All the lift and drag “forces in flight” you’ll encounter while flying and how to respond safely
  • Types of stability, ground effect, translational lift, tail rotor drift and correcting them effectively
  • A study of demanding scenarios, such as auto-rotations, vortrex ring and dynamic rollover
  • How types of power and aircraft and load weight and balance effect all of the above + much more


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