Pilot’s Radio Communications Handbook, 6th Edition


Fully updated throughout, this call-by-call, easy-to-read guide helps pilots become experts at radio communications.

The Pilot’s Radio Communications Handbook, Sixth Edition assists pilots in learning and following the FAA’s mandated radio phraseology while using proper radio communications when flying aircraft. This thorough revision now includes pilot safety communications and the International Phonetic Alphabet.

This practical guide explains precisely what you need to say when you initiate a call to a control tower, UNICOM, or other aviation-related facility, and what to expect from the facility in return. It also describes what is expected of pilots if the control tower or other aviation-related facility initiates a radio call.

The Pilot’s Radio Communications Handbook, Sixth Edition features:
* Pilot-to-tower/facility communications
* International Phonetic Alphabet; key to proper radio communication phonetics
* Glossary with important pilot and control tower definitions and information
* New photos and drawings
* Clear, concise, and consistent information and examples


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