So, You Want To Be A Pilot, Eh?


Ever thought of flying? Or, already doing your flight training and wondering how to get your first job? Join James Ball, licensed commercial pilot as he outlines essential information that you need to know to become a pilot in Canada.

* A thorough exploration into what pilots do
* An examination of the different routes to obtain your pilot licence
* Suggestions from numerous pilots to ensure success in your training
* An outline of the pros and cons of the most common first flying jobs for Canadian pilots
* Vital tips direct from Chief Pilots to help you obtain your first job as a pilot in Canada including essential job hunting, resume and interview advice
* Strategies to help you excel at your first job
* Detailed hiring information on the various Canadian airlines
* An in-depth look at the different career options for Canadian pilots
* Important thoughts to consider when deciding if a career as a pilot is right for you

If you have always wondered what is involved in becoming a pilot or if you have already embarked on your flight training and are looking to advance your career, this book is for you.


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