The AS350/355 Book


The AStar (or “Squirrel”) light-utility, multi-purpose helicopter has deep work roots in civilian, law enforcement and military operations. Whether you are new to these types of Ecureuil machines or an experienced pilot who has flown them for years, you will appreciate this in-depth look at how they really work.

The AS350/355 Book – the essential training aid, reference book and flight-manual companion – gives you that deeper knowledge.

Includes the real-life, hands-on, working knowledge you should know:

  • Overview of the AS350, along with model and type variations
  • Examination of the inner and interrelated workings of the machine’s airframe, engine, transmission and rotors
  • Insight into the AStar’s all-important controls, hydraulic, electrical, fuel, heating and ventilation systems
  • Observation of the helicopter’s limitations, performance, weight and balance data and the daily flight checklists
  • Advice for handling non-autorotative and autorotative emergencies and other assorted in-flight “situations”
  • Operating procedures and operating tips for control effects, power checks, noise abatement
  • Question and Answer sections for measuring up your working knowledge of the AS350 and more!

An accessible, quick and practical guide no AS350/355 pilot should be without!


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