The Golden Hour


A novel inspired by actual events by Randy Mains.

The Golden Hour is a suspense-filled adventure with a serious theme.

It puts the reader in the pilot’s seat of an EMS helicopter flying life-saving missions and risking death at every turn.

It brings to life the mission of the EMS pilot – to save lives in the face of danger.

The Golden Hour is a thriller – a page turner of the highest rank.

“Mains describes in almost too-graphic detail the tragedy often encountered by the crew of an EMS helicopter. It’s obvious he’s been there. Mains’ description of the machine-gun paced action while an overloaded Huey battles to rescue soldiers from a Vietcong hornet’s nest is vivid enough to place the reader in the Huey’s jump seat.”

David Jensen – editor, Rotor and Wing Magazine

The Golden Hour captured my attention from the first few words, and I sat spellbound until the very last page. The precarious position of the EMS pilots has been captured perfectly in the characters portrayed. The frustration and desperate action of Billy are all too real.”

Don Wright – Executive Director, National EMS Pilots Association



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