Understanding Flight, 2nd Ed.


Discover how planes get–and stay–airborne

Now you can truly master an understanding of the phenomenon of flight. This practical guide is the most intuitive introduction to basic flight mechanics available. Understanding Flight, 2nd Edition, explains the principles of aeronautics in terms, descriptions, and illustrations that make sense–without complicated mathematics. Updated to include helicopter flight fundamentals and aircraft structures, this aviation classic is required reading for new pilots, students, engineers, and anyone fascinated with flight.

Understanding Flight, 2nd Edition, covers:
* Physics of flight
* Wing design and configuration
* Stability and control
* Propulsion
* High-speed flight
* Performance and safety
* Aerodynamic testing
* Helicopters and autogyros
* Aircraft structures and materials

New Features:
* Explains flight in simple, intuitive terms
* Demonstrates the why’s and how’s of wing shape, plane construction, flight testing, and high-speed flight
* The perfect learning book for beginning pilots
* New chapters on helicopter flight and aircraft structures


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