Understanding Flying


Richard Taylor doesn’t talk down to non-professional pilots — he talks straight at them. If you’re really interested in finding your flying flaws, you will find answers to your problems in this book. Hard cover, 329 pages, indexed.

A commonsense, practical approach to the basics of flying. Everything you need to know to operate an airplane safely.

A real understanding of the principles of flight and the operations associated with flying the way it’s done today — this book deals with these important basics as they apply to practical matters in the cockpit. How well you handle the airplane depends largely on your knowledge of what’s happening and your understanding of the laws of aerodynamics. This book will help you avoid guesswork and put you in touch with true professional skills and attitudes. Beginning pilots can absorb new pieces of knowledge and experienced aviators can gain insight to improve their proficiency. Understanding Flying will give something practical to every pilot, and provide dozens of maximum-performance fine points for high-time fliers:

  • The airplane — how it flies, what affects performance, loading, and propulsion systems.
  • Flying the airplane — takeoffs and landings, flight instruments, weather, navigation, and flying when you can’t see outside.
  • The airspace — all about airports and rules of the air.
  • The pilot — certification and staying current, psychological factors and emergencies.

As a pilot, you can never know it all. But you can work consistently on your weak areas and build on what you already know. This is the purpose of Understanding Flying — to help you better understand the important facts of flying so that you can become a better, safer, and more confident pilot.


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