Opening & Operating a Retail Bakery


Opening and Operating a Retail Bakery, written by industry veteran and Certified Master Baker, Rick Crawford, offers readers 37 years of experience by sharing much-sought-after and proven strategies to open a bakery, along with keys to successfully operate it.

Opening and Operating a Retail Bakery is an indispensable guide that focuses on practical implementation rather than abstract theory, breaking down required tasks info easily adaptable templates that can be customized to the reader’s personal experience and professional goals. Crawford’s access to best practices among hundreds of owner/operators and the best companies in the industry gives this book a unique combination of knowledge, experience, and resources.

The tools, advice, coaching, and best practices revealed in this book are currently employed in more than 85 companies and 500+ retail locations, making Opening and Operating a Retail Bakery a must-have resource for everyone and anyone with the hunger, drive, and entrepreneurial spirit to profitably own and manage a bakeshop.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Early Steps and Key Decisions

Chapter 2: Lining Up Your Experts

Chapter 3: Operating Plans and Resources

Chapter 4: Product Mix, Equipment, and Design

Chapter 5: Basic Starting Systems

Chapter 6: Staffing and Labor Management

Chapter 7: Rules and Training

Chapter 8: Marketing and Promotion

Chapter 9: Sourcing Ingredients and Costing

Chapter 10: Production Skills and Costs

Chapter 11: What is Bakery Merchandising?

Chapter 12: Pre-Opening, Opening, and Post-Opening

Chapter 13: The Bakery Sales Cycle and Day Parts

Chapter 14: Promotions: Set Up to Execution

Chapter 15: Check-Up, Growth, and Rescue


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