Restaurant Marketing for Owners and Managers


The complete guide to marketing for restaurant managers

  • How do I market my restaurant to prospective customers?
  • Do loyalty programs really work?
  • How do I communicate with my local newspaper to get the biggest “bang” for my marketing buck?

By providing specific tools and methods tying marketing theory to practice, this concise, easy-to-use book provides restaurant and foodservice managers with answers to these marketing questions and many more.

This hands-on resource offers a variety of material that is applicable to the day-to-day operation of a foodservice business, including strategies linking the location and design of a restaurant with its menu and pricing, as well as guidance on how to implement a marketing plan and budget.

* Offers practical advice on how to use marketing to create a successful restaurant.
* Presents strategies that link location and design of restaurant with its menu and pricing.
* Illustrates how to put together a marketing plan and budget.


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