The Book of Yields, 8th Ed.


The only product with yield information for more than 1,000 raw food ingredients, The Book of Yields, Eighth Edition is the chef’s best resource for planning, costing, and preparing food more quickly and accurately.

Now revised and updated in a new edition, this reference features expanded coverage while continuing the unmatched compilation of measurements, including weight-to-volume equivalents, trim yields, and cooking yields.

With helpful worksheets; a clear organization by food type; and a convenient, durable comb binding, The Book of Yields, Eighth Edition is a must-have resource.

New to This Edition:

  • NEW INGREDIENTS include 52 new vegetables, 24 new herbs and spices, 47 new fruits, 35 new starches (including 23 new pastas)
  • NEW INGREDIENTS include 16 new condiments that make the book a stronger compilation of multicultural flavorings


  • Only product on market that provides yield information for more than 1,400 raw food ingredients, including 200 ones that are new to this edition
  • New foods include 52 new vegetable entries and 47 new fruits.
  • New Chapter on Standard Portion Sizes (chapter 15) which assists in menu planning, recipe development, and costing
  • Assists chef in food preparation, purchasing decisions, and controlling costs
  • Provides worksheets for costing ingredients and planning food purchases
  • Clearly organised by food type (e.g., dairy, produce, dry herbs, etc.)
  • Comb-binding provides durability and ease of use


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