Acupuncture Treatment of 7 Clinical Musculoskeletal Cases DVD

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by Dr. Anthony Lombardi


Dr. Lombardi’s Acupuncture Treatment of 7 Clinical Musculoskeletal
Cases DVD includes:

  • Specific step-by-step instruction of 20 acupuncture motor points
  • Specific step-by-step direction in the electro-acupuncture treatment of neck, shoulder, elbow, low back, knee, hip, and IBS
  • Soft tissue instruction on how to perform soft tissue and scraping techniques like Dr. Lombardi
  • Almost 2 hours of full clinical cases
  • Built in reviews between examples

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Purchase of the DVD includes continual assistance with clinical cases via email and telephone from Dr. Lombardi directly.

Dr. Lombardi also provides continual links, information, and material on an ongoing basis which is designed to improve the manual and clinical skills of the health professional.

Also, upon request, those who obtain his DVD or EXSTORE system (see below) are permitted to shadow Dr. Lombardi in his private practice at no additional cost to further improve their assessment and treatment skills.


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