Acupunture Motor Point Manual eBook


by Dr. Anthony J. Lombardi

Simple step-by-step instructions make it easy for beginners and students to locate motor points every time.
Custom patient model photos provide pin-point visual reference for every motor point.

Over 60 motor points covering:

•Masseter                       •SCM
•Semispinalis Cervicis     •Levator Scapula
•Trapezius                      •Rhomboid
•Longissimus Thoracis    •Teres Minor
•Supraspinatus               •Infraspinatus
•Deltoid  •Triceps  •Biceps •Brachialis
•Brachioradialis               •Supinator
•Pronator Teres               •Anconeus
•Pectoralis Major             •Rectus Abdominus
•External Oblique             •Internal Oblique
•Transverse Abdominus
•Latissimus Dorsi              •Gluteus Maximus
•Gluteus Minimus              •Gluteus Medius
•TFL    •Rectus Femoris    •Vastus Lateralis
•Vastus Medialis                •Erector Spinae
•Long/Short Head of Bicep Femoris
•Semitendonosis               •Semimembranosus
•Peroneous Longus           •Tibialis Anterior

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