Allies and Advocates


Creating an Inclusive and Equitable Culture


192 Pages, Hardcover

Learn to create an inclusive environment with this actionable and insightful resource

Allies and Advocates: Creating an Inclusive and Equitable Culture delivers a powerful and useful message about inclusion and diversity in everyday life. Author Amber Cabral, a celebrated inclusion strategist, speaker, and writer, shows readers how to move away from discriminatory and unjust behaviors to supporting and building meaningful connections with people across our diverse backgrounds and identities.

While some books settle for vague advice and catchphrases, readers of Allies and Advocates will benefit from the book’s:

  • Straighforward style and applicable action items
  • Real-world examples highlighting inclusion best practices
  • Implementable tactics to assist people in seeing how they can help create an inclusive environment

Perfect for anyone who works in a professional environment, Allies and Advocates is especially useful for those in middle and upper management and those involved in the training and orientation of employees. If you are looking forward to building a culture of inclusivity at work or in your personal relationships, and want to learn how to use your privilege to be a better ally, Allies and Advocates: Creating an Inclusive and Equitable Culture is a must-have.

PRAISE FOR Allies and Advocates

“A must-read for anyone curious about how to contribute towards a more equitable society. Amber simply and effectively provides historical events in context and arms us with necessary vocabulary, concepts, and steps for all of us to act, ally, and advocate in service of the marginalized. Why? Because black lives matter too, because we all have some privilege that we can choose to turn into power to uplift the underrepresented and dismantle oppressive systems, because of our shared humanity.”
—LYNN WONG, Senior Director II, Global Logistics, Walmart Inc.

Allies and Advocates is a must-read for any professional seeking to create or enhance an inclusive environment. Especially during the current climate, the importance of this book is immeasurable! With every page, Amber paints a portrait of what true inclusion looks like; whether it’s applied to the workplace, or to one’s personal life. The authenticity of Amber’s delivery is not only easy to digest, but also informative and has something every person can take away regardless of background, race, ethnicity, gender, age, or experience. Awesomely, fantastic work!”
—LATRICIA HILL-CHANDLER, Diversity and Inclusion Officer, Arvest Bank


AMBER CABRAL is an inclusion strategist, certified coach, writer, and speaker who has been featured on television and in print and digital media. Formerly a Diversity Strategist at Walmart Stores, Inc., she is founder of Cabral Co., a diversity, equity, and inclusive leadership-focused consulting firm. She hosts the You Can Have Whatever You Want® podcast and regularly speaks and writes about inclusion, culture, equity, and social justice topics.”


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