Bad Boss


What to Do if You Work for One, Manage One or Are One

Michelle Gibbings

240 Pages, Paperback

In a tough or toxic work environment, are you brave enough to take action to improve challenging relationships?

Bad Boss is for anyone who is in—or who is keen to avoid—a negative workplace environment characterized by difficult relationships. Believe it or not, bad bosses are not bad people, and whatever role you play—employee, boss or boss’s boss—there are concrete steps you can take to improve your situation.

It takes teamwork at every level to create an environment where everyone can flourish. If you dare to examine your own role in your current situation and take action today, you stand to gain better relationships, faster outcomes and greater career progress.

Challenge the standard leadership practices and transform a tough situation to the benefit of all. Learn how to:

– determine where the problem really lies

– identify your role in the situation

– strategise your best option forward

– take action using concrete tools

– secure progress for long-term gain.

Bad Boss will give you everything you need to take the edge off your stressful work environment.


Michelle Gibbings is bringing back the happy to workplace culture. The author of three books and a global keynote speaker, she’s on a mission to help leaders, teams and organizations create successful workplaces—where people thrive and progress is accelerated.


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