Becoming a Conflict Competent Leader, 2nd Edition


How You and Your Organization Can Manage Conflict Effectively, 2nd Edition

Craig E. Runde & Tim A. Flanagan

320 Pages, Hardcover

The Second Edition of this classic resource on conflict resolution combines research, conceptual models, practitioner experience, and stories that highlight the core conflict competencies. The book underscores the importance for leaders to develop the critical skills they need to help them, their colleagues, and their organizations deal more effectively with conflict and move their organizations forward. This new edition expands on the conflict competence model, includes new tools and techniques, shows how to develop conflict competent teams and organizations, and offers a new online assessment.

“An amazingly comprehensive collection of designs, options, examples, and techniques on how to move from conflict avoidance to constructive resolution.”
—Jim Kouzes, coauthor, The Leadership Challenge


Craig E. Runde is director of the Center for Conflict Dynamics at Eckerd College, St. Petersburg, Florida.

Tim A. Flanagan is co-owner of Custom Leadership Solutions, St. Petersburg, Florida, and senior fellow at the Center for Conflict Dynamics.

They are the coauthors of the first edition of Becoming a Conflict Competent Leader, Building Conflict Competent Teams, and Developing Your Conflict Competence.


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