The Key to Transforming and Maintaining Diversity, Inclusion and Equality at Work

6.44 x 9.53 /288 pages Hardcover

Sue Unerman, Kathryn Jacob and Mark Edwards

A groundbreaking investigation into diversity and equality in the workplace, and a clarion call to the people in power who need to rethink their place in the boardroom and become part of the solution.

One in four US workers feels they do not belong at work. Structural racism, the patriarchy of the boardroom, pay disparities are just a few of the obstacles in our workplaces that systematically alienate and repress employees of color, women, LGBTQ workers, and employees with disabilities, but the statistics are clear: companies with diverse management teams report 19 percent higher revenues, and are far more likely to perform above their industry medians. Diversity in business is good for everyone-so why do women and minorities make up only 34% of boards of Fortune 500 companies?

Following interviews at over 200 international businesses about the irrefutable business case for diversity at work, Sue Unerman, Kathryn Jacob and Mark Edwards have discovered one major problem that is holding back the move towards greater diversity: where are all the white men?

The book sets out to understand why more men aren’t engaged with D&I initiatives in organizations–at one extreme they may be feeling actively hostile, and threatened by the changing cultural landscape. Others may be unmotivated to change: they may see diversity as a good thing in the abstract but can’t see what’s in it for them. Many will be open-minded and supportive, while still feeling unsure about what to do.

Through their research and case studies, the authors provide a blueprint to dismantling the corporate patriarchal alpha environment of the boardroom. They offer actionable advice to promote progress, including:

-how to launch effective diversity initiatives without laying responsibility for their success at the door of disadvantaged groups

-how to build a more agile and engaged workforce by promoting healthy disagreement

-and how to get comfortable with being uncomfortable as hard conversations and necessary changes take place.

The time for change is long past. Belonging is the call to action we need today–the tool to turn the men in power into allies as we battle discrimination, harassment, pay gaps, and structural racism and patriarchy at every level of the workplace. The lessons in this book will help us work together to build a better workplace where everyone feels they belong.
Sue Unermanis Chief Transformation Officer at MediaCom, the largest media agency in the UK with over 200 clients. She is also the co-author of the bestselling book, The Glass Wall. Kathryn Jacob OBEis CEO of Pearl and Dean, a cinema advertising company and co-author of the bestselling book, The Glass Wall. Mark Edwards is a Sunday Times journalist and qualified mindfulness coach who trains businesses in diversity and inclusion as well as leadership.


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