Business of Massage Therapy: Building a Successful Career


This is the premiere guide to managing a successful massage career and running a successful holistic business. Written by veteran massage therapist and holistic business coach Jessica Abegg (LMT, MBA, MSIB), this visual, hands-on book contains all the tools readers need.

It focuses on both practical concerns (such as finance and legal organization), and intangible elements of success (reflection, balance, and self-care). It also includes vital information on marketing and the Internet: knowledge often absent in the high-touch, low-tech world of massage. Throughout, it reflects the growing recognition that it is urgently important to help practitioners manage businesses and careers more successfully, as reflected in the inclusion of Business Practices in the new Massage Therapy Body of Knowledge.

Designed to help massage therapists serve today’s more sophisticated customer–including more sophisticated and relevant marketing techniques, such as new online approaches
    * Fully addresses the needs of contemporary massage therapists and those just entering practice

Comprehensive coverage, not just business development–addresses everything massage therapists need to know whether they have their own practices, are working for others, or need career guidance
    * Gives students all the business and career information they need, no matter where they are in their careers

Full color, visually appealing, and highly interactive–including multiple features for hands-on, intuitive learning
    * Highly appealing to the kinesthetic, interactive learning style of most students in this field

Coverage of key Massage Therapy Body of Knowledge “Business Practices” topics–reflecting the field’s growing recognition that it is crucial to help massage therapists manage their businesses more successfully
    * Helps students succeed either on their own, or in existing practices that are adopting the Massage Therapy Body of knowledge
    * Helps students compete more effectively in an increasingly cost-sensitive market, where cost efficiency will be more important to success

“Business of Massage Therapy” Notebook–encourages students to create and organize all their materials into their own personal notebooks which can guides them throughout their careers
    * Leverages a powerful proven technique to help engage students in the process of building their careers or businesses, and track their progress with both practical concerns and the intangible aspects of success

Exclusive coverage of key topics other books ignore or cover only lightly–including personal finance, networking, and leveraging the Internet        
    * Addresses crucial issues that many practitioners may not have experience with

Valuable to a broad audience of wellness and holistic practitioners
–including acupuncturists, counselors, homeopaths, aromatherapists, and many others
    * Provides crucial, easy-to-use resources for students practicing in all areas of wellness or holistic care

“Bright Ideas” features–including ideas, anecdotes, and quotes
    * Focuses on motivating students, especially those who may not be business-focused

“Getting organized” features–presenting enjoyable ways to plan and structure a business, and keep it organized
    * Makes business and career management far less painful

“Put It In Writing” features–including hands-on activities, exercises, and quizzes
    * Promotes both student engagement and more effective business habits

“First Steps” features–presenting small steps that encourage students to begin trying something new
    * Helps students get started easily, without having to overcome large, intimidating hurdles

Helpful Resources links–including links to online resources, books, and magazines that students will find valuable
    * Gives students access to reliable resources for further exploration and help

Pitfalls and solutions–including common mistakes to avoid in careers and practices
    * Draws on the experience of a leading practitioner and business coach to help students avoid mistakes that can hurt their careers or destroy their businesses

MyKit website–bringing together extensive resources, activities, downloadable forms, case studies, discussion questions, and more
    * Provides interactive resources that appeal to hands-on learners

Extensive Teacher Manual and Test Bank–providing a complete ready-made course and comprehensive resources that any instructor can adapt
    * Helps instructors deliver high-quality courses even if they’ve never done so before
    * Provides easy-to-adapt materials that can help even the most experienced instructors teach more effectively


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