Engaging Virtual Meetings


Openers, Games, and Activities for Communication, Morale, and Trust

352 Pages, Paperback

Maximize the potential of your virtual meetings with these simple and effective techniques and tools

“John is my ‘go-to’ person when I want to be sure that my online meetings, webinars, and conferences are engaging!”
—ED COHEN, former Chief Learning Officer for Booz Allen Hamilton

Engaging Virtual Meetings: Openers, Games, and Activities for Communication, Morale, and Trust teaches readers how to help their attendees bridge the digital divide by demonstrating how to incorporate fun and simple activities in their virtual meetings. Help your attendees develop trust and improve their engagement with your company and with one another by using the practical and convenient tools found within this book.

Author John Chen introduces you to the 6-step ENGAGE method.

1. Engage and interact with every attendee
2. Never lead a meeting along
3. Good looks
4. Air traffic control
5. Get productive with virtual tools
6. End on a high note

ENGAGE solves your most common virtual problems including the top three: lack of engagement, people talking over each other, and video fatigue.

In an era where remote, virtual, and long-distance teams are becoming increasingly useful and necessary, Engaging Virtual Meetings is perfect for anyone who manages or works with people in a virtual setting. It belongs on the bookshelf of all those who hope to extract increased productivity and engagement from their meetings in a digital environment.


JOHN CHEN spent 10 years at Microsoft and earned 2 US Patents before founding and leading Geoteaming, a company that specializes in tech-based team-building and leadership training. He’s been virtually meeting for over 35 years. He is a celebrated speaker and consultant, and has delivered his message to over 230,000 participants in over 30 countries.


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