Experience, Inc.: Why Companies That Uncover Purpose, Create Connection, and Celebrate Their People Will Triumph


The business leader’s guide to creating a winning employee experience

In Experience, Inc.: Why Companies that Uncover Purpose, Create Connection, and Celebrate Their People Will Triumph,veteran business leader and growth strategist Jill Popelka delivers a hands-on guide to building a flexible, adaptable, and engaged workforce that can enable your organization to evolve with emerging challenges. You’ll find the insights you need to build a company culture that prioritizes your people, resulting in an empowered and future-ready workforce. Filled with stories from the author’s extensive experience as the President of SAP SuccessFactors, the book also offers:

  • Advice from global thought leaders on some of today’s most pressing issues
  • Practical resources for any employee to improve their productivity and impact
  • Tips on creating a culture that works for the organization and its people

Experience, Inc. is an essential tool for business leaders of all levels, from the C-suite and senior executives to people managers and human resources practitioners. It is a must-read for organizations looking for ways to build a sustainable, productive, and exciting workplace centered around the most critical driver of business success: employees.

“As an unusually dynamic leader, Jill Popelka knows that putting people first is how you build a company to last. Her engaging, user-friendly book offers the practical tools that workplaces need to bring out the best in everyone.”

— ADAM GRANT, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Think Again and host of the TED podcast WorkLife

“Organizational scientists have well understood the linkage between employee experience and organizational effectiveness, but the gap between research and practice has left so much lost in translation. Experience, Inc. bridges the gap by breaking down the what, why, and how of employee experience in a way that is both evidence-based and actionable.”

—Dr. AUTUMN KRAUSS, Chief Scientist, SAP SuccessFactors

“Employee experience is not an HR issue or responsibility. It is a must for every leader in the organization to foster an inspiring and desirable environment where people can unleash their full potential. If you want to be an inspiring leader, I recommend focusing on purpose, agency, belonging, and recognition. Jill, thanks for reminding us that business is all about people.”

—HERNAN GARCIA, Head of Talent and Experience, Tecnológico de Monterrey


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