Hiring Greatness: How the Recruit Your Dream Team and Crush the Competition


Hiring a new executive offers an organization the single-greatest opportunity for improving performance and culture with one decision—Hiring Greatness shares the advanced thinking it takes to land the type of leader who can unleash innovation, empower employees, and generate wealth for the company.

This groundbreaking guide shows you how to attract, recruit, and retain star executives by using never-before published insider strategies and tactics—once the guarded privilege of America’s wealthiest, most elite headhunters. No other authorial team in the industry can deliver more than David Perry and Mark Haluska, who combined have closed more than 1,800 search projects on five continents and negotiated more than $380 million dollars in salaries. Like magicians unveiling the hidden “tricks of the trade,” this powerhouse duo reveals:

  • How to secure the talent you seek with laser like precision
  • How to keep recruiters from poaching your star executives
  • The 23 questions you need to ask a executive search professional before engaging them
  • Why “HR-Speak” may be killing your ability to attract the best, and what to say instead
  • Four critical turnoffs that drive great candidates away from top companies

Find out which newly hired CEO created $3.8 million dollars in market value an hour, and which one lost his new company $500,000 dollars an hour! Actual case studies take you behind the scenes of one of the world’s most profitable and secretive industries to shed light on the monumental successes and pitfalls of real-world hiring decisions.

For employers, human resource professionals, and recruiters, Hiring Greatness is the step-by-step manual to have at your fingertips when hiring the key player to your company’s success.


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