HR Manager’s Guide to Employee Wellness Programs


Adriane Whitney, Robert Jessup-Ramsay

A Canadian HR Reporter: Special Report says that there is a growing understanding within the business community that employee health and wellness are significant factors in creating advantages for an organization with respect to productivity, employer branding, and the employer value proposition. Highly effective health and wellness programs are moving beyond providing “treatment” related benefits to focusing on “preventative” programs that build a healthy organizational culture and improve the physical and mental health, and wellbeing of employees.

Organizations also understand that employee wellness programs are part of the organization’s total rewards strategy and are a major component of its commitment to corporate social responsibility. Above all, having a meaningful commitment to employee wellness generates a positive return on investment, both in terms of the real, quantifiable impact on the bottom line, and in terms of intangible benefits that are more difficult to quantify, such as improved and enhanced employee morale, retention and engagement, organizational, and job satisfaction.

HR Manager’s Guide to Employee Wellness provides a strong business case for organizations to adopt a comprehensive approach to employee wellness. Included in the book are tools, templates, and step-by-step instructions for human resources practitioners to use in developing wellness programs and promoting a culture of wellness throughout the organization. It also includes a case study on McKesson Canada’s approach to employee wellness.

Primarily written for HR practitioners, it is also of interest to:

>Senior executives
>Occupational health nurses and specialists
>Wellness consultants
>Healthcare and mental health professionals
>Occupational therapists
>Personal trainers
>Return to work and workers’ compensation specialists
>Employee assistance program consultants and benefits providers
>Labour and employment lawyers
>Unions and governments


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