Human Resources Guide to Workplace Investigations, Second Edition


Written by leading employment and workplace investigations lawyers Janice Rubin and Christine Thomlinson, who have conducted countless workplace investigations (some of which were particularly high profile) and trained others to do so, this invaluable guide contains their expertise, insights and practical solutions in a clear and easy-to-understand style.

Human Resources Guide to Workplace Investigations, Second Edition breaks down the investigative process into manageable pieces and provides you with a detailed step-by-step roadmap including sample templates and forms.

This resource will explain how to identify:

> The need for an investigation
> The circumstances surrounding workplace investigations
> The types of workplace incidents requiring investigations
> The investigation process
> The evidence and how to report on the findings
> New for the second edition


Updated legislation and case law on workplace violence, harassment and bullying, and the importance of conducting thorough and unbiased investigations

Recommendations for conducting workplace assessments and reviews
Additional tips and strategies on dealing with unreported harassment allegations

Information on coaching and other forms of workplace restoration
Suggestions for dealing with the media and public scrutiny surrounding investigations

A new chapter on Self-care for Investigators


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