Impactful Inclusion Toolkit


Practical, hands-on strategies to increase inclusion, diversity, and equity in your workplace

In Impactful Inclusion Toolkit: 52 Activities to Help You Learn and Practice Inclusion Every Day in the Workplace, accomplished diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) strategist and leader Yvette Steele delivers a collection of practical and hands-on exercises that encourage and promote inclusion in the workplace. The exercises emphasize the development of key inclusive behaviors, including self-knowledge, connecting with others, creating new habits, and experiencing other cultures.

In the book, you’ll find:

  • 52 behaviors to practice during the year that will empower you to be more inclusive in the real world
  • Concrete instructions regarding how to become more inclusive, rather than just high-level information about inclusivity generally
  • Actionable strategies to help drive change in your organization and manage the discomfort that sometimes exists around DEI issues

An effective and practical resource for anyone who wants to be more inclusive. Frontline and knowledge workers can empower themselves to drive change with weekly activities and resources. DEI and HR professionals, company founders, owners, managers, and other business leaders can better support staff on their inclusion journey. The Impactful Inclusion Toolkit is an essential addition to DEI strategies of any organization whether they are active or aspire to be more inclusive.



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