Management, 5th Canadian Edition


Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders and managers. The Management, Fifth Canadian Edition WileyPLUS course helps students discover their true potential and accept personal responsibility for developing career skills to become future leaders in the workplace. New content on topics like disruption, Big Data, AI, machine learning, and sustainability, plus thought-provoking exercises give students a fundamental understanding of today’s world of management while urging them to reflect on their own behavior and decision-making processes.

Management provides exciting new student engagement features on key themes of Analysis, Ethics, Choices, Insight, and Wisdom to attract learners’ attention and prompt additional reflection, while fresh author videos, updated video cases accompanying each chapter, and other digital assets bring managerial theory to life. By the end of the course, students will be able to understand and apply management principles, have developed concrete skills for career readiness, gained confidence in critical thinking, and embraced lifelong learning to ensure professional success.



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