Marketing Chiropractic to Medical Practices


Marketing Chiropractic to Medical Practices targets chiropractors and leads them through a comprehensive sales model to demonstrate how they can educate the medical profession on how to utilize chiropractic services for their patients.

By implementing a gradual approach from the first office contact to presenting an effective and educational sales call, this text informs the chiropractor how to confidently access their greatest untapped new patient source.

Marketing Chiropractic to Medical Practices offers a step-by-step approach to secure medical referrals and develop ongoing professional relationships between the chiropractic and medical worlds.

* How to provide a pro-chiropractic message based on evidence based research
* How to access physicians
* Uncover patient needs and physician objections for chiropractic care
* Learn the most common physician objections and how to overcome them
* How to select research that addresses the needs and objections of a physician
* How to present research to support a MD/DC conversation


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