Mission: To Manage


Because managing people doesn’t need to be mission impossible

Marianne Page

Master the 7 essential management skills to become the leader your team want to follow.

Why is it that so many managers see the challenge of managing people as Mission Impossible? Is it because people are impossible? Is it because they’re all inherently lazy, or stupid, or out to undermine you?

No. People are full of potential and passion – they want to be engaged in what they’re doing, and valued for doing it well. So how can you tap into this passion and potential to become the leader your team want to follow.

The answer lies in the 7 Essentials that every manager must master to engage their people and build them into a high performing team.

Mission: To Manage challenges the reader to examine their mindset around managing people and to master the skills and strategies essential to success in their new role.

While sharing the theory, Mission: To Manage is all about implementation and action, focused on sharing tips, strategies, worksheets and quick wins that can be put into practice immediately; giving the manager both the strategies and the confidence to become the leader their team want to follow.

About the Author

Marianne’s McDonald’s experience makes her one of the world’s most qualified experts on the practicalities of implementing systems and building high performing teams.”

Marianne Page is an award-winning leader and developer of high performing teams; inspiring successful small business owners to build the simple systems and high performing team that will free them from the day to day of their operation; giving them back the time to enjoy a fulfilling life, confident that their business is running as it should.

Marianne developed a number of high performing teams of her own during her 27-year career as a senior manager with McDonald’s, and developed over 14,000 managers and franchisees over an 8-year period as the company’s Training Manager.

For the past ten years, Marianne has worked closely with successful business owners who have over-complicated their life and their business, helping them to develop the systems and the structure that will make their operation consistent, and free them to work on their business rather than in it.

Marianne is the best selling author of Simple Logical Repeatable, The McFreedom Report, and Process to Profit – a book hailed as ‘better than The E Myth’.

Marianne’s mission is to give every business owner and manager the tools, and the mindset they need, to build a scaleable business with a highly engaged, high performing team to run it.


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