Ontario Employment Standards Act: Quick Reference, 2023 Edition


The Employment Standards Act, 2000 (ESA, 2000) sets out the rights and responsibilities of employers and employees in Ontario workplaces. The standards outlined in the ESA, 2000 represent the minimum standards that employers must provide to their employees. The Ontario Employment Standards Act: Quick Reference focuses on the key obligations for employers under this broad piece of legislation.

New in This Edition  This edition includes information about major employment standards developments over the past 12 months, plus expanded sections, such as:

  • The end of most COVID-19 public health measures and restrictions and the removal of certain temporary provisions under the ESA, 2000, such as paid, job-protected Infectious Disease Emergency Leave and extended temporary layoff provisions.
  • Changes in relation to non-competition clauses and “right to disconnect” and electronic monitoring policies.
  • A new section on Considerations for Remote and Hybrid Workplaces including information on hours of work, overtime, minimum wage, constructive dismissal, disconnecting from work and electronic monitoring of employees.
  • Important case law developments. These include Ontario Court of Appeal decisions on wilful misconduct relating to an incident of unwanted sexual touching in the workplace, and the language required to be included in an employment contract to limit an employee’s entitlements upon termination.
  • Updates to current minimum wage rates.
  • Changes relating to the regulations on Overpayment Recovery (O. Reg. 637/21), When Work Deemed to be Performed, Exemptions and Special Rules (O. Reg. 285/01) and Infectious Disease Emergency Leave (O. Reg. 228/20).
  • Other updates reflecting current terminology and updated case law references.

Format – Softbound book


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