Ontario Labour Relations Act: Quick Reference – 2022 Edition


Improve efficiency, save time, and get the most up-to-date information when you need it with this fully indexed reference guide. Know the rules of conduct that should be followed by employers, unions and employees under the Ontario Labour Relations Act.

The completely updated and expanded Ontario Labour Relations Act: Quick Reference 2022 Editiowalks you through the Ontario Labour Relations Act by defining the respective roles and duties of the workplace parties and discussing the steps involved in the certification of a union, unfair labour practices, collective bargaining procedures, first agreement arbitration, sales of businesses, and how disputes under the agreement are to be resolved.

The new 2022 edition contains the full text of the Act for your convenience, as well as Regulations, and a helpful index to the full contents of the guide.

This edition includes information about major labour relations developments over the past 12 months, plus expanded sections.


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