Talent Tectonics


Navigating Global Workforce Shifts, Building Resilient Organizations and Reimagining the Employee Experience


“There are perennial workforce challenges we all face, regardless of industry or geography. Talent Tectonics is a guide to prioritize those challenges and determine which are most important for our organizations to solve today. This book focuses on practical solutions, calling out the tensions between what the individual wants and what the organization wants, and shares practical tools on how we can balance those seemingly disparate needs.”
—MAURA STEVENSON, PhD Chief Human Resource Officer, MedVet; Affiliated Research, Center for Effective Organization, USC’s Marshall School of Business

“This is a must-read for everyone who wants to crack the nut on how an organization can thrive in the future of work. Steven Hunt helps us understand the major drivers of creating resilient workforces by successfully managing the intersection of people, technology, and work.”
—CHRISTIAN SCHMEICHEL, SVP & Chief Future of Work Officer, SAP

Talent Tectonics gives us a new and essential way to think about the employment relationship and how we approach it – whether as an employer or an employee.”
—ELAINE DAVIS, Chief Human Resources Officer, HealthComp

Talent Tectonics blends practical business guidance with evidence-based science to create a unique and powerful book every HR professional should read. Dr. Hunt’s experience working with hundreds of companies, technological savvy, and psychology expertise has enabled him to provide a valuable look at what companies must do to prepare for a future of work that will be very different from the past.”
—KEN JOHNSTON, SVP & Chief Human Resources Officer, Purolator

“Steve Hunt is a distinguished expert in understanding the intersection of business, human behavior, and technology, and how organizations can leverage it to drive performance and gain competitive advantage. With enormous changes occurring in the workplace in every region of the world, Talent Tectonics is a timely and valuable read for anyone wanting to nurture an organization culture that puts the employee experience front-and-center in order to attract, develop, and retain the best talent.”
—DOUG HAALAND, PhD VP, Global Talent Management, Whirlpool Corporation


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