Trust Your Canary

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Every Leader’s Guide to Taming Workplace Incivility

Sharone Bar-David

Canadian Title 

Never before have managers been under such pressure to juggle the responsibilities of leading their teams to high performance and simultaneously responding to ever-increasing demands to maintain a psychologically safe work environment. In Trust Your Canary, popular speaker, consultant and writer Sharone Bar-David inspires managers to confidently identify, prevent and tame workplace incivility.

A first of its kind, this hands-on comprehensive resource is the ultimate guide for leaders wishing to cultivate a respectful and productive workplace environment.

For more than twenty years, Sharone Bar-David has provided training and consulting services across industries. In Trust Your Canary, she brings decades of experience to even the trickiest of situations and offers enlightened support. She compels us to create the kind of workplace we all aspire to: one that is respectful and thriving with abundant productivity.   

Praise for Trust Your Canary

Trust Your Canary is an indispensable tool for organizational leaders at all levels. It educates readers about the latest research and also provides practical, easy-to-remember strategies to build skills and prevent and address incivility in all its manifestations. Sharone Bar-David is a leading authority on the topic who also understands the legal frameworks that protect employees and the practical challenges that face workplace leaders day to day. This is a book you’ll want to refer to again and again.”
–David A. Wright, Chair, Law Society Tribunal; former associate chair, Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario

“A must-have for the management bookshelf! Trust Your Canary combines knowledge about incivility and workplace abuse with highly practical ideas on tackling these issues inside organizations. It is ideal for managers and professionals involved in changing workplace behavior widely, and those working with difficult individuals and teams. It guides the creation of the business case for action and provides excellent advice on strategies to effect change.”
–Prof. Charlotte Rayner, Portsmouth Business School, University of Portsmouth; past president, International Association on Workplace Bullying and Harassment

“In Trust Your Canary, Sharone Bar-David opens our eyes to the frequent and devastating incidences of workplace incivility: why it happens, how it happens, and the effects it has on the worker, the workplace, organizational climate and productivity. In a highly readable and engaging style, she also provides innovative strategies for what can be done about it. This is an important book for managers, organizational decision makers and union representatives.”
–Kipling d. Williams, Professor, Department of Psychological Sciences, Purdue University; author of Ostracism: The Power of Silence

“Sharone Bar-David offers a comprehensive approach to what leaders need to know to establish and maintain a civil work culture. High performance teams require ‘high civility’ interactions, and Bar-David offers a full array of specific strategies to achieve this.”
–Dr. Laura Crawshaw, author of Taming the Abrasive Manager, Founder and Director of The Boss Whispering Institute

“Sharone Bar-David has created a tremendously insightful resource that should be widely read. With increased attention focused on workplace incivility, bullying and harassment as a result of high-profile scandals, employers and individuals need to understand their rights and obligations. They must also recognize incivility in the workplace and how, left unchecked, it can lead to bullying. Trust Your Canary should help to reduce the number of allegations of bullying and harassment that come across my desk.”
–Stuart E. Rudner, Rudner MacDonald LLP

Author Information

Sharone Bar-David is a leading Canadian expert on workplace incivility.   With a knack for telling it like it is, an ever-growing set of original (and often contrarian) ideas and a playful attitude, Sharone brings to Bar-David Consulting’s clients “ah-ha perspectives” on those seemingly inconsequential and all too common rude or disrespectful behaviours that are bad for business and destroy organizational cultures.

Over the past 27 years Sharone has worked with over 41,000 people through training sessions, consulting, coaching and keynote speeches. (She also managed a network of more than fifty wellness trainers for Canada’s leading EAP provider). Sharone’s clients consistently comment on the great value they find in the direct, engaging, and thought-provoking way in which she expresses her original ideas, and the safe way in which she invites people to challenge their own habitual beliefs and actions.

Sharone’s ideas have been featured in numerous publications, in the media, and in a range of conferences. Her work with abrasive leaders is informed by her accreditation as a Boss Whisperer (she is a member of the Boss Whispering Institute) and her training with the Canadian Organizational Behaviour Institute (CODI).


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