Willis & Winkler on Leading Labour Cases 2020


Willis & Winkler on Leading Labour Cases 2020 lets you find an expert analytical review of key decisions and trends from across Canada and get clarification of the significance of these recent developments. This text is written by experts who are uniquely qualified to select the leading cases and provide concise analysis and commentary on trends and emerging issues in labour law. These authors are also editors of Labour Arbitration Cases, a Law Report service that compliments this resource.

This edition returns to the stylistic approach from prior years, shifting from a broad, macro lens to a more focused, micro lens. Part I is concerned with the interpretation of collective agreements. Part II looks at select topics in the administration of collective agreements. Part III is reserved for key updates in select issues.

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* Chapter One offers an in-depth analysis of recent cases involving the scope of parliamentary privilege and the notion of immunizing management rights from arbitral review, official language obligations, and statutory health and safety obligations
* Chapter Two looks at a variety of topics and cases which fall within the broad category of union rights under the collective agreement: runaway shop clauses, overlapping work scenarios, the introduction of a boutique or brand name business on an employers premises, contracting out, technological change, union recognition, and union security clauses
* Chapter Three updates readers on evolving applications of Sattva and Bhasin in the labour arbitration context
* Chapter Four features cases involving violence and harassment in the workplace, including sexual harassment, workplace bullying, threats, and assaults
* Chapter Five examines some potential defences to disciplinary offences: provocation, state of mind, and a somewhat less familiar or routine defence, viz. the right to remain silent
* Chapter Six covers some trending, topical, and intriguing issues: racial and religious discrimination, damages, and surreptitious surveillance in the workplace


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