Work That Works:


Emergineering a Positive Organizational Culture

Geil Browning

224 Pages, Hardcover

Praise for Work That Works

“All companies are facing the realities of having a multi-generational workforce. One thing that rings true for all individuals is wanting to be accepted and appreciated for who they are. Emergenetics transcends a person’s age, generation and abilities, and everyone is appreciated for what they bring to the table. We have utilized Emergenetics with our team at American Airlines for several years. We’re very fortunate to have this common element of understanding between our team members. Emergenetics really inspires Work That Works.”
—W. Douglas Parker, Chairman & CEO, American Group and American Airlines

“Embracing diversity of personality is critical for any organization that wants to achieve its potential. But it can seem daunting at times. Work that Works decodes diversity and is invaluable for a leader that wants to fully leverage the power of their team. In a shrinking world, this book is a must read.”
—Lance Uggla, President and COO, IHS Markit

“Everybody deserves a job they love! By applying the seven principles in Geil Browning’s Work That Works, leaders at all levels of an organization will be better equipped to understand and empower themselves and those in their span of care to create environments where everybody flourishes. A very practical and thoughtful guidebook!”
—Bob Chapman, author of Everybody Matters: The Extraordinary Power of Caring for Your People Like Family and CEO, Barry-Wehmiller Companies

“Dr. Geil Browning and her work have helped me and my organization tremendously. Once our senior leaders understood the importance of cognitive diversity and its positive impact on problem solving, we Emergineered a new approach to building project teams, and collaboration has never been better. This is Work That Works.”
—Andy Krupski, Chairman, The Hive, Inc., Toronto

“Working in the home office of Emergenetics International, I can attest to the fact that this is a company that walks what it talks. Our office has been and continues to be Emergineered with great results. This is truly Work That Works.”
—Stephanie Medley, Materials and Production Manager, Emergenetics International

“This is not your average business book! When you appreciate the heart and soul of your company and treat employees as they want to be treated, amazing things happen! Applying the principles of Emergineering truly creates Work That Works.”
—Mary Rhinehart, Chairman, President and CEO, Johns Manville

“Emergenetics has made a positive impact in transforming the organizations I’ve led. The Emergenetics approaches and solutions described in this book are not only easy to implement, they are also there to trigger change in mindsets and perspectives that lead to organizational transformation. This is certainly a great go-to resource for HOW-TO implement Emergenetics in any organization, big or small!”
—Dr. Wolfgang Baier, Group CEO, Luxasia, Singapore

“Dr. Geil Browning and her work has shaped my organization and has personally affected my working style for the better. It is one thing to manage people and it’s another to lead. Understanding yourself and those who look to you for guidance is essential to a leader’s success. After reading Work That Works, I’ve been able to apply practical principles for my team and the teams I support to lean on each other as well as tap into all of the Emergenetics attributes for greater cognitive diversity.”
—Chris Torfin, Senior Leader of Human Resources, Amazon


DR. GEIL BROWNING is the co-creator of the Emergenetics Profile and Founder and CEO of Emergenetics International, a premier global consulting firm specializing in helping executives and managers realize their full potential as leaders and as human beings. Dr. Browning has been celebrated throughout her long career as an influential business and thought leader, and she has been twice recognized as one of the recipients of Colorado’s Outstanding Entrepreneurial Businesswomen of the Year award.


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