Ball Redbook, Volume 1 & 2 Set, 18th Ed.


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This professional horticulture reference, which has been in print continuously since 1932, is fully revised and updated in this new edition.

Volume 1 – Greenhouses & Equipment:

Based on real-life experiences from industry professionals including growers and equipment and greenhouse manufacturers, the presented
information covers all aspects of greenhouse equipment—the structures themselves, benches, irrigation, curtains, environmental controls,
machination, and the greenhouse as a retail facility.

The most recent developments in greenhouse evolution are discussed, as are the varieties of available greenhouse structures, from freestanding and gutter-connected greenhouses to shade houses and open-roof greenhouses. Information on the business side of managing a greenhouse is provided, including how to market products and how to operate a retail store from a greenhouse.

Volume 2 – Crop Production:

Offering detailed information on the production of 162 flower, herb, and vegetable crops, this essential resource for growers includes
techniques and advice that work in real-life production, not just in the lab or trial greenhouses.

Information is offered on how to decide what to grow, as well as tips on temperature, media, plant nutrition, irrigation, water quality, light, crop scheduling, and growth regulators. Details about propagation, growing, pest and disease control, troubleshooting, and postharvest care are presented and arranged by genus name.

The plants represented in this compendium include annuals, perennials, flowering potted plants, herbs, and some vegetable bedding plants.


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