Color Atlas of Turfgrass Weeds: A Guide to Weed Identification and Control Strategies, 2nd Ed


Identify and control weeds with this colorful, expanded edition—with bonus CD

For more than a decade, the Color Atlas of Turfgrass Weeds has been the leading authority for green industry professionals in their ongoing quest to control weeds and limit deleterious effects: the weed clumps, color variation, and unsightly patches that disrupt turf uniformity. The Second Edition of this essential resource has been expanded and updated to provide control information that professionals need to maintain the quality that is so vital to the golf, sports field, and managed landscape industries.

This new and expanded edition includes these vital updates:
* 50 new weed profiles, plus 400 additional, high-quality, full-color photographs featuring photographs of the weed in habit, the seedhead or flower, and in some cases, what the weed looks like when dormant
* An accompanying CD that features more than 1,000 photographs
* Valuable control strategies and recommendations for every weed
* Each weed alphabetically arranged by family and scientific name
* An alphabetical index that shows all the weeds featured


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