Greenhouse Pest Management

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As the sustainable agriculture movement has grown, there has been a dramatic increase in the production of horticultural crops in greenhouses worldwide. Although there are numerous publications associated with pest management in greenhouses, Greenhouse Pest Management is the first comprehensive book on managing greenhouse arthropod pests, particularly in commercial production systems.

The book contains the necessary information on major insects and mites, describing their biology and life cycle. Colour images are included to help with identification and also to illustrate the damage these insects and mites can cause to greenhouse-grown horticultural crops.

The book also assesses strategies for managing greenhouse pests, such as cultural, physical, and biological control as well as the use of pesticides, and describes how cultural practices and sanitation affect pest population dynamics.

Richly illustrated and presenting material in a concise and focused format, Greenhouse Pest Management is a vital book for professional growers and pest managers, researchers, crop consultants and advisors, students, and government agricultural extension agents. It provides a thorough source of textual and visual information for handling pests in greenhouses.


  • Provides information and color images in order to properly identify the major and minor insect and mite pests found in greenhouses worldwide
  • Details management strategies such as scouting, cultural control and sanitation, and physical, biological, and pesticide control with┬ápertinent representative images
  • Covers insecticide and miticide use in greenhouses and how they may be used to suppress insect and mite pest populations
  • Includes an extensive reference section that serves as an entry point for further study of specific topics
  • Addresses the impact of cultural practices and sanitation on the population dynamics and abundance of insect and mite pests
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